Client testimonials:

Peter has been my coach for half a year and has opened my eyes to the power of NLP coaching. He has helped me step up to the challenges in the management team of my company with genuine interest, a great technique and a loving heart. Our sessions have made me a better consultant, listener, coach and leader for which I am truly grateful to him.

Peter Peerdeman

CTO Lifely




It is a great privilege to have been coached by Peter. As a coach myself, it is wonderful when someone in your field of work can take you to a deeper level of insight. Peter is an amazing coach, his ability to tap straight to the core of what is ‘really’ going on, is a true gift. His style is a combination of his authentic humour and a potent mix of accuracy that enables you to look inside of yourself for the truth.

Peter, you’re a master at helping people unlock themselves.

Louise Southam

Transformational Coach, Leadership Facilitation, Pranic Healer




Peter is an incredible facilitator, very natural and always on point. It is so reassuring when you have someone in front of you who was meant to do what they are doing. A natural talent and someone you can trust all the way. He asks questions both beautifully and powerfully. I have experienced his work guiding mastermind sessions and also as NLP coach, and it is transformational. I would work with him any day.

Eva Zahrawi Ruiz
Brand/Marketing Director | Executive Mentor & Speaker 
The 2nd Half




Peter is an exceptional coach. He immediately made me feel comfortable with his compassionate and understanding approach.  He works at a deep subconscious level which uncovers blocks/limiting beliefs you weren’t aware of. My sessions with Peter were insightful, thought provoking and inspiring. He is an absolute professional who has a great ability to guide you through painful moments while giving you space to process them. Peter helped me with a certain situation that I thought had been resolved years previously. Quite the opposite, as it was still holding me back, creating a block to my happiness and preventing me from being the best version of myself in my personal life, and also in my business. By helping me discover this block, and in turn being aware of it, I saw positive changes almost immediately as my viewpoint had shifted.  In a short space of time Peter can change your internal world enabling you to see situations with clarity and move forward in a positive way. Peter also has a great sense of humour which is much needed when making big life changes, decisions and realisations. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Suzy Bradley
Bradley & Co. Estate Agents

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