About me

I believe that if we do what we’re most passionate about, we will live a fulfilling and satisfying life. So my question has always been: what do I truly love? My answer is people and conversation. Today, as a coach and mentor, I help people make the change in their life they’re seeking, and as a result, achieve their deepest desires.



Sometimes we get lost in our own story…
We know we want change, but we don’t know where to start. We want to open the door to change but we can’t find the key. Sometimes we’ve found the door, but for some reason we can’t walk through it. Sometimes our friends can see the very door we are looking for, but we think we can’t see it ourselves. 
I’ve been there... 

This is where coaching comes in. Coaching has helped me immensely to find the clarity I needed to finally open those doors to change and get me moving to where I want to be. It's been the main catalyst for me being the person and the coach I am today. 



My story...
So my story starts in Mudgee, a town in Australia and continues across seven cities – today I call Amsterdam and Ibiza home. I’ve been fortunate to travel the world while learning and working in careers spanning digital marketing, advertising, furniture design and IT support.

Even as I was immersed in the creative and corporate worlds, I found that I was always drawn to the people. Listening to their stories, their experiences - and always listening for what motivated them in life. This natural curiosity to understand and listen to people has always been there.

In 2020 my son Kenzo was born, and in the moments we spend together, I am blessed to have a whole new way of being curious presetned to me, to engage with, and sometimes climbing on me.



Coaching, supporting and mentoring...
Throughout all this, coaching has - and continues to - help me gain and maintain self acceptance and awareness, and to continue to uncover my purpose: helping people shift their thinking in order to transform their lives, while sharing the journey of my own development and learning with those interested.

I share my learnings and insights at instagram.com/peteradams.coach


I am a Master Trainer in NLP, and have studied Computer Science and Engineering and hold a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Furniture Design.

I am passionate and strive to be the best coach I can be, so am continually learning. 



Coaching with me...
Get empowered to make the change you want.
Obtain self acceptance.
Reconnect to your true self.
Bring into your life what you truly want. 


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If you are ready to start making that change... 
You can reach out on this site, or go straight to here to plan a free 90 minute intake call to chat about how I can help you.